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Complete Layer Houses

We Manufacture all sizes layer cages to customer specification.

  • Our range start from smallest unit for 240 birds up to customers requirements.

  • Options of 2-tier and 3-tier available.

  • Structures available in steel and brick units to customers specifications.



Ventilation in a poultry house supplies fresh air that is essential to sustain life. It also helps reduce the extremes of temperature, humidity and air contamination to tolerable limits for confined chickens.

There are two types of ventilation systems: Hot weather ventilation systems and cold weather ventilation systems to best suit your ventilation requirements in different seasons of the year.

Including in a complete layer cage

  • Structure with layer cages

  • Nipple lines

  • Feeding trays

  • Header tank and float valve

  • Curtains

  • Installation

  • Delivery charge based on kilometres

  • Excluding concrete floor

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